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Tuesday Pebble Report: 2006 Minor League Position Player of the Year Poll and discussion

As we did with the pitchers yesterday, we'll do with the hitters/fielders today. The nominees will be the six winners from each affiliate as determined last week. If you want to vote for somebody else, nominate him in the comments thread below and wait for a second member of the community to agree to include them so I can add the name to the poll. Do not cast a vote until you see the player's name. As it stands, the six nominees are:

Jeff Baker, Colorado Springs
Joe Koshansky, Tulsa
Matt Miller, Modesto
Cole Garner, Asheville
Daniel Mayora, Tri-City
Hector Gomez, Casper

Again, the poll will be found by clicking "entry link" and scrolling down, or "comments" and scrolling up.

Update [2006-9-12 15:51:14 by Rox Girl]:

Chris Iannetta was added per my request, but Joe K is out to a commanding lead in the early voting.