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Purple Row Minor League Player of the Year: Joe Koshansky

Joe Koshansky brought out the lumber this season in a big way. The Tulsa first baseman hit thirty-one homeruns and twenty-eight doubles after skipping Modesto. His power particularly at the start of the season helped lead the Drillers to a first half crown and apparently that power left an indelible mark on the voters for Purple Row. He lead the Rockies' minor league system in homeruns and RBI, and to show he is selective, had the second most walks.

Mighty Joe is developing quite a following, fans regularly pepper Baseball America with questions gauging the young slugger. The link I just posted from this last week has one fan asking if there's a similarity between Koshansky and Ryan Howard. Jim Callis claims there's not. Still, with over fifty percent of the vote, Joe Koshansky is awarded the Purple Row Minor League Player of the Year. Congratulations Joe!  

Joe Koshansky

Joe's season splits at

Joe's stats at Minor League baseball (assuming the page loads right)