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Game #150: Hampson versus Lowry

Justin Hampson makes his first Major League start tonight against the Giants. much as I'd like to have our team dirupt the playoff ambitions of the Dodgers and Padres, we seem to be playing San Fran now more than anybody else. So I guess we'll just have to beat the Giants instead. Both pitchers are lefthanded, which would probably give the Rockies the edge offensively, we've had the fourth best NL team OPS vs southpaws this season, while San Fran has had the fourth worst.

Speaking of team stats versus left-handers, has anybody else realized how few the chances that we've actually had to hit lefties? The Rockies have had nearly two hundred fewer AB's against left-handed pitchers than the second lowest team, Houston, and Colorado is the only team in the majors not crack the 1000 AB mark for the season. Given that, it's not surprising that we lead the majors in AB's versus right handers.

Go Rockies!