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Rox Girl's 12 Wishes for the last dozen Rockies Games.

In the first game, I want to beat the Giants. I want to beat them badly. As badly as last night really. Or worse. Yes it would be nice if we get these last dozen off to a good start by putting a licking on a rookie who seems to have us vexed. I'm going to avoid the obvious puns and leave those for the headline writers tomorrow.

My second wish would be to get a new I-pod. I know, I know, another win would be nice, but let's face it, we're already as good as toast, so I'm going to stick with the I-pod, here. It's so I could watch film of Matt Holliday's... uhm...  at bats. Mmm... Matt Holliday at bats.

My third wish for these last twelve games is to pass the Diamondbacks somehow with San Diego also losing at the same time. Impossible? What- I just wished for us to beat Matt Cain and you're saying this is impossible? Fine. Let San Diego win these next two against the Snakes just so we can have the satisfaction of not being in last place in the NL West again this season.

Fourth wish: NO MORE JOSH FOGG!

Okay, wish number five is for another win, but I want Franchise to pick it up to insure his third straight winning season. Hopefully he wins both of these last two starts to match last year's win total because he's had a better 2006 by far and it would be a shame for that not to be reflected in the victories.

For my sixth wish, I want JJ to hit two homeruns. Somebody has to give this guy run support, might as well be he himself.

My seventh wish would involve me, Posh Spice, Keira Knightley, David Beckham, Nomar and Mia Hamm teaming up to play a little soccer against the Colorado Rapids (girls vs boys, right?). Yeah, things would get interesting after that, but long story short, the Dodgers would be without Nomar's services for the evening and the Rockies would win. ;)

Hmm. My eighth wish would be to see Tulo and Chris Iannetta show up Chad Billingsley in a battle of promising NL West rookies. A homerun or two, a few runs scored, a couple RBI, you know, just enough to establish a precedent of who's got hand here.

My ninth wish would be that the Dodgers don't clinch anything while playing the Rockies. That's not fun watching another team celebrate on your home turf. Keep the champagne corked for another night, is that too much to ask?

Wish number ten: I want twenty-five thousand Rockies fans to show up to Wrigley Field and chant "Cubbies Suck" all game long because I'm tired of hearing it from Cubs fans in Coors. Sigh. Not going to happen, I know, but a girl can dream can't she?

My eleventh wish would be for more Matt Holliday footage for my I-pod. A couple of sweet connections out onto Waveland Avenue would do the trick.

Okay, my last wish for this season is that this will be the last time for a long time that we're on the outside of the playoffs looking in. Please, if any of you have some sort of powers to grant wishes, just that one would be fine. Thanks.