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Game #151: Cain vs Jennings

So, in order for the Rockies to beat Matt Cain, I did some serious research to discover something. Okay. So I just googled the words "beating Cain" and clicked on the first link that came up. According to that, the odds look like this, depending on which Cain shows up:

Cain Mediocre {'Cain': 69315.0, 'Abel': 30686.0} 2.3:1
Cain Fair {'Cain': 84036.0, 'Abel': 15965.0} 5.3:1
Cain Good {'Cain': 93144.0, 'Abel': 6857.0} 13.6:1
Cain Great {'Cain': 97463.0, 'Abel': 2538.0} 38.4:1
Cain Superb {'Cain': 99288.0, 'Abel': 713.0} 139.3:1

I think the author clearly meant to subsititute the word "Rockies" for "Abel", as those odds seem about right considering how the Rockies have done, and otherwise it makes no sense to me. That means that should a mediocre Cain show up, we'd only lose 2.3 times before we won. And even if a "superb Cain" shows up, he'd only beat us 139 times before we took one. Excellent. We've got a chance then.

Go Rockies!