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Scratching my head

In this Denver Post article, the main topic is center field and acquiring an "athlete" to play the position next season.

However, we learn that one of Rox Girl's wishes won't be coming true as Josh Fogg will be making another start. The thing that really bugs me is this:

"I'm 9-9 right now, and if I can finish 10-9 or 11-9, it makes those last four or five starts where I've struggled not so bad," said Fogg, who has made 29 starts this season. "I think I've competed and kept my team in enough games this year that I've earned the right to make the rest of my starts."

Seriously? We're supposed to believe that if he finishes above .500 we'll forget how bad his last four or five starts were?

Josh, don't try to pull a fast one on us. Maybe you do "deserve" to make the rest of your starts, but having a .500 record won't make anyone forgot your struggles. It might be another story if the team was anywhere near having a record above .500, but we all know that's not happening.