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How you like them apples, ROY?

I was going to advocate a vote for Uggla, anyway, but Matt Holliday and Garrett Atkins (twelve total bases for 24Gt Au alone!) put some serious hurt on the Giants' best hope for an end of season individual player award, well maybe except for the "Robert Fick Memorial Award for the player with the most Pedro Feliz-ness", which surprisingly enough they've won most seasons of late.

Yes, this had been haunting my dreams until last night, except they also included several cabbages, a midget Heidi Klum and a talking snake named Jerry.

One link to another Rox blogger this morning, The Coors Effect had a fine breakdown of last night's beating of Matt Cain and the Giants, but also this statement which I'm going to ask Rox Fan in TN to elaborate a little on as I'm taking an opposite view:

Troy Tulowitzki and Chris Iannetta probably need to start next season at AAA, but I'm not the ownership.  The Rockies may decide to do something different.

I haven't seen anything from either Iannetta or Tulo yet that makes me less enthusiastic about their chances to start 2007 with the big league club. After a jittery start, Iannetta has turned things around in a big way and over his last eight games is hitting .392 with a .527 OBP and Tulo is just making play after play on defense while giving more bat than Clint Barmes. I don't get why they'd need to start in AAA, especially given that Tulo will get more fine tuning in the AFL in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, this kind of dialogue about what's best for the team is what's so fun about the hot stove league. So I say, maybe no on Jeff Salazar, but a definite yes on Tulo and Chris, anybody else care to comment?