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A Glimpse of the Future

As RFTN mentioned yesterday, Juan Morillo will get the start Sunday and Ubaldo Jimenez has been activated to work out of the pen.

In the the RMN, Hurdle is quoted as saying that there is a possibility of U-Ball getting a start before the season ends.

Either way, we'll get to see Jimenez is action. But I hope he takes a start away from Fogg. Anyone want to place a guess on when he'll get a start?

I'll say second to last game of the season.

And now back to the Ryder Cup. . .

Update [2006-9-22 12:36:51 by Rox Fan in NY]: The Casper Rockies placed Hector Gomez (#3), Pedro Strop (#17) and Brandon Hynick (#19) on BA's Top 20 Pioneer League Prospects. Should anyone have Rockies questions in the chat, please do not directly quote them here. A general summary would be OK, though.

Update [2006-9-22 18:43:56 by Rox Fan in NY]: Juan Morillo's start will be nationally televised Sunday afternoon on TBS.