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Game #155: Franchise vs Davies

Jeff can make Rockies history tonight and become the team's leader in wins by a left-hander, passing Brian Bohanon with his thirtieth victory. With a loss, Francis can come within four of tying Bohanon for that Rockies' mark, one more than Bo's win mark at 30. Just so you know how big a record in franchise history we're dealing with here:


  1. Brian Bohanon 29
  2. Jeff Francis 28
  3. Mike Hampton 21
Okay. So maybe it's not that big of a mark. Hopefully when Francis is finished it will be. Just because I'm a glutton for abuse, I looked up our fellow 1993 expansion entrant, the Marlins' record holders for some perspective:
  1. Dontrelle Willis 58
  2. Al Leiter 30
  3. Chris Hammond 29
That actually wasn't as bad as it could have been. D-train is obviously in a different metaphorical league, but Francis has one season less of experience, so year by year he isn't doing too badly and our second tier is only a little off of theirs. Kyle Davies ranks slightly lower when it comes to all time Braves' right handers:
  1. Kid Nichols 328
  2. Phil Niekro 268
  3. Al Spalding 205
  4. Greg Maddux 194
    Kyle Davies 11

He can catch up though, just another sixty years or so and he'll be in first place.

Go Rockies!