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Spotlight's on Matt

Lots of MLB stuff coming out today on our slugging left fielder, first was news that Holliday shared the NL's Player of the Week award with Andruw Jones. Also, Thomas Harding says it would take a stellar package for the Rockies to consider moving him in a mailbag.

At least right now, it's not a hot-button issue. It would take a knock-their-spikes-off offer for the Rockies to trade Holliday this winter, and that might not be enough.

Note that the possibility isn't ruled out entirely. With the Rockies' current backlog of outfielders this actually makes some sense, particularly if an upper rotation pitcher was offered as part of the  exchange. I don't see the right move happening this offseason, especially given the recent trend of teams being relunctant to give up their young players with the most promise.

That said, there's an underlying assertion in the "At least right now..." part, that the Rockies are already looking past Matt Holliday should negotiations with Boras on a future deal prove unwieldly.