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Game #158: Cook vs Lowe

Five more games to make up some ground on the D-backs or Giants, and only two more left to get out to Coors for a game. Obviously the Dodgers have a lot more at stake right now with the Phillies bearing down hard on the Wild Card.

Anybody planning on going to Hawaii this winter? Anybody want to invite me? Anyway the tentative rosters for the new Winter League down there have been announced, for the Rockies, prospects Dexter Fowler, Shane Lindsay, Chris Nelson, Dragon Lo, Cole Garner and Adam Bright will be playing alongside other US prospect notables such as Nate Schierholz, Jeff Clement and Ian Desmond, as well as some supposedly pretty solid Japanese players.

Tonight though, it's all about Big Red's final chance to show something against the men in Blue.

Go Rockies!