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Sunday Pebble Report - Harsh Truths or Plain Ol' Stupidity?

In this DP article by Troy Renck, he writes that Rockies management has to be committed to giving up a top minor league player for Eric Byrnes should they go outside the organization for a CF fix. That strikes me as quite possibly one of the top five worst moves any team could make this off-season. Maybe you could talk me into Coco Crisp (whom he also mentions), but it'll take quite a bit to do so. I could even buy into Dave Roberts as a stop-gap, but how long do you think a stop-gap should last? One year, two at the most? Dexter Fowler might need a full stop at each of the three next levels, so that would mean there would be another year before Fowler is ready. But anything is possible, so Fowler being ready after his year in AA could happen.

The Drillers are looking into moving to a new stadium.

Colorado Springs: Josh Wilson and Sean Barker had three hits each in the 6-4 victory. Wilson drove in three runs, two on a homer. Jeff Baker hit his 19th homer. Ubaldo Jimenez went six innings, allowed three runs on five hits and struck out five. Nate Field now has 25 saves. But as Irv Moss let's us know, the Sky Sox are primed for a good campaign next season.

Tulsa: Ian Stewart had a hit, an RBI, a walk and a strike out as Wichita beat the Drillers 12-1. John Asahina surrendered all 12 runs.

Modesto: Tomas Santiago secured the win for the Nuts even though he blew the save for Franklin Morales. Santiago went two innings, allowed a run and struck out four. Morales walked four and struck out four in five innings. He also gave up two runs. Corey Wimberly reached the half-century mark for stolen bases last night and Jose Valdez hit a 2-run home run.

Asheville: Chaz Roe won his seventh game after he pitched seven innings and struck out seven (he walked five). He allowed one run on two hits. EY Jr. stole his 87th base and Dexter Fowler his 43rd. Cole Garner drove in two, Phil Cuadrado one and one for Jr. also.

Tri-City: Brandon Hynick did not factor into this Tri-City loss after starting it. He went six, saw two runs cross home plate on five hits and struck out six. Ethan Katz took the loss as he allowed the third run to cross the plate. Geoff Strickland stole his 17th base.

Casper: Read the Casper Star Tribune's recap of this interesting Casper win.