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Game #136: Kim vs. Sele

3-12. Yeah, that's the Rockies' record against the Dodgers this season and three games remain on tap after today's contest. Will they keep adding to this futility?

In Kim's last three starts he's given up a combined 19 runs (6, 6, 7). Those losses were against the Mets twice and the Brewers once. He did strike out six in each of the last two contests, so he has been missing bats. However, in that start against the Brew Crew he also walked four.

So the question is will we see more of the same from Kim, or will we see the August 2nd Kim who beat the Brewers then?

If his record against the Dodgers this season (1-2) is any indication, Kim might pitch well but the Rockies won't score many runs. What's new?