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Rate the Rockies Defenders

Tom M. Tango, aka, Tangotiger, co-author of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball has asked me to prod some readers along to a new community based defensive rating he's working on. In fact, here's the e-mail he sent me in full:


I'm hoping you can spur some Rox fans to participate
in my scouting project (see sig) in your blog.

So far, I've received just 7 ballots, far short of the
other teams (1000 ballots total for 29 other teams).

Thanks, Tom

So apparently, from the statistics he's been able to gather so far, he's determined that Rockies fans really don't care about defense. Or that there aren't many Rockies fans. Or that Rockies fans have gotten lost getting to the site to make it all happen. I filled out my ballot a couple of weeks ago when I read about this at Hardball Times, but I forgot to pass along the info to all of you. Until now. Go, click on that link. Rank. Make tangotiger happy.