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Tulo! Tulo! Tulo!

Sorry, the games on the West Coast have been too late for Rox Girl who works early on the East Coast. But I just want to be a gushing fan-girl for a moment anyway. A night after going four for four with a double, Troy Tulowitzki hits his first major league homerun in Petco Park and it was a blast to straightaway center. I know we lost the game, and I should probably be more upset about that, but I had written off our postseason hopes after we split with the D-backs at home a few weeks back and then were swpet by the Mets. So I'm saying, is that this is what I live for as far as the Rockies are concerned. Hit Tracker measured the homer at 442 ft, which was only the fourth longest of the night in baseball (Albert Pujols had the longest at 453) but wow. Wow.

Okay, I'll write the Pebble Report now.