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Rami nominated for Clemente award

Each team nominates one player who embodies Clemente's giving spirit, and for the Rockies in 2006, that nominee is Ramon Ramirez. From the Thomas Harding article at the official site:

"It's been good when I can help somebody," Ramirez said. "Like sometimes I've seen a boy and I've given him my glove. I help somebody if he really needs it. I feel happy.
"I give a lot of autographs. In New York, I gave a kid my glove and I did it at home in Denver. It feels good to help people."

Could you imagine how cool it would be to get a glove from a major league player? According to the article Ramirez has made that particular dream come true a lot this season. He gave away fifty of them in a baseball clinic he put on with the Denver Boys and Girls Club for Spanish speaking youth. Ramirez has really been one of the brightest spots of the 2006 season for the Rockies, both on and off the field and we congratualte him on his nomination.