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2006 PuRPs end of season discussion thread

We're going to do another poll once the rookie/short season leagues wrap up later this week, so we better start discussing who gets in it now. Of our 2006 draftees, I think only one is a sure bet to get in, Greg Reynolds, but Brandon Hynick and maybe Keith Weiser will get a lot of support. I anticipate David Christensen to drop out based on his season in Casper, but we might regret that later as his potential is still immense.

Tulo's a good bet to hold onto the number one spot.

Other newcomers? I wouldn't be surprised to see Jonathan Herrera debut strongly, and Cole Garner, Phillip Cuadrado and Daniel Mayora will probably get a lot of discussion as well. At any rate, this is the place to formulate your ballots and argue the cause for your faves.