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Game #139: Jennings vs Hensley

So tonight the Rockies continue their quest of making the NL West look a lot better than last season by rolling over for all of their divisional rivals, thus boosting the chances that the divisional winner will finish more than five games over .500. By the way, am I the only one who's noticed that it's been about three days since we've seen Chris Iannetta? Was this the plan for getting him at bats? I know he was zero for eight in the last two games he played at Dodger Stadium, but it's not like Torrealba's been tearing it up at the plate lately either (batting .184 in his last ten games). I'm just saying.

The official site reminds us that Jason Jennings is undefeated in his career at Petco. So maybe we can pull out the win this time.

Go Rockies!