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Game #141: Armas vs. Kim

This matchup happened  earlier in the season (June 14th) and we all know that was the last time the Rockies swept a series this season. And they have yet to win more than four games in a row since then.

Good news: Armas was hit hard in that game.
Bad news: Kim was hit hard also.
More good news: The Rockies still won it (obviously) by a score of 14-8.

Mayhe we'll have another big game by Helton, Holliday and Atkins, who combined for 11 of 14 RBI.

I'm feeling optimistic about this contest. It's game 141, the Rockies scored 14 in the previous contest and it happened on the 14th. Too bad this game wasn't being played next week on the 14th, then I would have guaranteed a victory. Oh well, I'll just have to settle for next Thursday as being my birthday.