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The Two Jeffs

In the last month of the season, two once promising but faded outfield prospects will become the latest to play for a change of the fortunes of this team. Last night was a stellar debut for one of those two, Jeff Salazar, who went two for two with a walk, stolen base, two runs scored and an RBI on a sac fly. The excitement generated by Tulo and Salazar last night on the basepaths and in the field certainly proved a catalyst in the ten to five victory. I would expect Hurdle to ride the hot hand of Salazar as long as he can. The other prospect we once expected much more from, Jeff Baker, according to this article from the Post, should also get plenty of exposure in September. At stake for the two are lineup positions in center and right, currently held by Brad Hawpe and Cory Sullivan.

This isn't to imply that Sullivan or Hawpe are on the verge of being cut or moved in the offseason if the two Jeffs pan out, no, that distinction likely falls on their current back-ups, Choo Freeman and Ryan Spilborghs. That said, Sullivan in particular should attract some trade interest in the offseason, as he would provide a much cheaper alternative to entering the likely bidding war for Torii Hunter or Gary Matthews Jr. and he's a known commodity after manning the position for the Rockies for the majority of the last two seasons. Personally, I think the ideal scenario for the Rockies would be to have both exceed expectations, thus allowing the Rockies to re-stock the farm with a Sullivan trade, and giving them a potent platoon in right heading into 2007.