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Saturday Pebble Report:

Tulsa: The Drillers were eliminated from the playoffs when Jordan Czarniecki was tagged out at home plate trying to tie the score at seven in the top of the ninth. The dramatic loss capped the best season for any Rockies affiliate. Luke Hochevar threw five innings without allowing a hit and set the stage early in a way that Drillers starter Enmanuel Ulloa couldn't come close to matching, as Tulsa fell behind seven to nothing. Tulsa didn't give up however, and a scrappy late comeback that scored three runs in each of the sixth and seventh innings came to not however when Czarnecki was gunned down in the ninth. Jonathan Herrera finished with three hits for Tulsa, including the would be game tying single, and a key run scoring triple in the seventh.

The excitement of having the bulk of the big wave of talent moves to AAA and Colorado Springs next year, although don't cry too much for Tulsa as the preliminary call looks like a second half division title should be well within their reach. It looks like pitching will be Tulsa's strong point early, and I expect some of the offensive punch of this year's Asheville team to be added to that mix by mid-season 2007.