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Game #142: Fogg vs Ortiz

So, according to last night's notes section at the official site, Clint Hurdle is looking for ways to work Justin Hampson and Denny Bautista turns in the rotation while allowing JJ, Cook and Francis to pursue 200 innings apiece. Now, excuse me for asking what's probably a silly question, but nevertheless seems kind of obvious to me, but why don't we just happen to use Hampson or Bautista the next time Josh "I sport a 7.20 ERA in my last ten games" Fogg is supposed to have a go? Which would have been tonight if you hadn't noticed in the title. Oy. At least it's against Ramon Ortiz. I mean, what are the odds he'll come up with back to back gems? Yeah, that was my guess too.

Go Rockies.