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Tuesday Lunchtime: Holliday, Affeldt come to terms, Mabry disrupts the kids

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I've had a busier than expected morning, so I will make this post brief:

Rockies second highest player = Matt Holliday, $4.4 million

Jeremy Affeldt got $1.25 million and John Mabry received a minor league contract. According to the Denver Post the Rockies were getting closer to avoiding arbitration with Cory Sullivan and Josh Fogg. Rodrigo Lopez could be another story, but with one Boras client already signed in Holliday, I think we might be able to get him signed without the acrimony of a hearing as well.

As the diary to the right suggests, the Rockies signing of John Mabry leaves the battle for the last couple of bench spots on the team very much in doubt. Mabry plus Alexis Gomez means that our homegrown options have to step up this Spring to prove themselves. Truth be told, I have more confidence of that happening than Mabry still having a useful role to play, even if it's just as a left handed PH.

An AZCentral article takes stock of the major changes within the division this morning.