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Wednesday Near-Evening Round Up

We know that Matt Holliday is now the second highest-paid player on the Rockies, but we also know that he shaved his head.

A bit more interesting news involves Chin-Hui Tsao because he is on the verge of signing with NL West opponent the LA Dodgers. Apparently nine teams courted him so teams do believe he has a chance to make his way back. I don't think it's a huge loss. He could be better than some of our current pitchers but there's too much working against him for that to happen.

The Rockies will receive $800K from Yomiuri in return for Luis A. Gonzalez. And that $800K is going where?

Dan O'Dowd on Fogg's agent Dan Horwits in Jack Etkin's article today:

"We were very surprised at the filing number," general manager Dan O'Dowd said. "Danny knows I'm not happy, and Danny at this point in time doesn't (care)."