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Thursday Tidbits

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Brian Lawrence is apparently closer now to signing with Seattle than Colorado after the latest offers according to various sources, the one linked being Should the Rockies fail to sign Lawrence, they would probably pursue Bruce Chen or Ramon Ortiz instead according to Troy Renck at the Denver Post. Of the two, I'd be most interested in Chen at this point, SI's Jon Heyman suggests his collapse last season could be attributed to an abrasive relationship with Leo Mazzone:

When Rodrigo Lopez said he was excited about his "change of scenery,'' he didn't mean moving from Baltimore to Coors Field; he meant leaving Leo Mazzone. Lopez didn't exactly thrive under Mazzone, but Lopez's real beef stemmed from his good friend Bruce Chen's poor relationship with Mazzone, going back to their Braves days. Nobody had a bigger dropoff last year than Chen, who went from 13 wins to zero (13-10 to 0-7 to be exact). But he's pitching lights out in winter ball. He's 5-0 with a 0.72 ERA for Caguas in Puerto Rico, allowing 19 hits in 50 innings.

Heyman also says that Jason Jennings was looking for a four year $36 million deal heading into the offseason, but as the free agent numbers went up, so did his price tag to the 4/$48 million range. This is the first I've heard of a dollar figure from Jennings, which leads me to believe he's more willing to negotiate with Houston than he was with the Rockies, so we might not have been able to keep him even if we did give him that kind of money. In retrospect, the four for $36 deal would definitely have been worth it, while his new asking price is pushing it.