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Rockies' Non-Roster Invitees For Spring Training


Some of them we already knew, such as Dubose, Gallo, Graves and Gil among others. But now we find out who will from the minors will attend Spring Training. A few thoughts:

  • Seth Smith: Not a surprise. I think he'll see a September call-up unless a string of injuries speed the process up.
  • Matt Miller: He'll head back to the Springs but will probably spend a good deal of ST with the Rockies before he's reassigned.
  • Sean Barker: OK, this one is a bit surprising. I don't think he'll see the Majors with the Rockies ever.
  • Joe Koshansky: JoKo should be an interesting story to follow during ST.
  • Ian Stewart: Can he make it 2-for-2 in the ST MVP category? Either way he'll head back to the Springs where he'll play third, though a little outfield isn't out of the question.
  • Greg Reynolds: I'm not sure how long they'll want to keep him but chances are good he'll at least get a couple of starts.