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Hurdle Speaks About the Upcoming Season - Less Bunting!

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So we already know that the Rockies are interested in Dan Kolb, which amounts to being a blah move.

Troy Renck interviewed Hurdle and he's going to make some changes come Feb. 15:

"The bunting was a function of our dysfunction," Hurdle said. "My personal preference going into this year is to turn these guys loose and give them freedom to swing the bat.

All of us here hounded Hurdle for his overabundance of the bunt play last season and now in the final year of his contract he wants to correct the "dysfunctions" of the team? He's certainly saying the right things in January but he better be able to solve the real problems, the ones that happen in season.

Giving the players the freedom to swing the bat sounds like a good idea... as long as the players have the discipline to recognize pitches. Three Rockies struck out 100 times last season: Hawpe and Holliday are likely to cross the century mark again in Ks and the other 100-K guy last season was Cory Sullivan. Sully's probable replacement, Willy Taveras, had 88 last season and 103 in '05. And then we have Troy Tulowitzki who averaged one strike out a game in his call up. However, H&H shouldn't see that much of a change as they don't have a history of laying sac bunts down.

Early thoughts on what the team needs to do this season, according to Hurdle:

"[...] This season is about everybody taking a bigger step forward than we did last year. And I believe in all my heart we have the talent here to do it."

Funny. What does a bigger step encompass? If he guides the team to 81-81 or even 82-80, does that provide him another season as the manager? For now, I don't believe it should.