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Lawrence Could Sign With Rockies By Week's End

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Troy Renck chimes in this morning with news that the Rockies will watch Brian Lawrence pitch this week before offering a contract to Lawrence.

If it comes down to having either Lawrence or Rodrigo Lopez, another player the Rockies have interest in, I think I'd go with Lawrence since he's pitched in the NL West his entire career. Even if he didn't pitch last year after shoulder surgery. If he could pitch like 2002, or even 2004, I'd be very happy.

Talks with Javy Lopez's agent should pick up again this week, according to the article. Since he wouldn't be the primary backstop this look all right. Over the past two years he caught 66 games and already over age 35, he probably wouldn't be able to field the position for the entire season. I'm not sure why Lopez would want to sign with the Rockies, though. More often then not he wouldn't start, there's no DH in the NL and there isn't anywhere else for him to play. I guess he could take up 1B during Spring Training, but if we expect Helton to bounce back he may not get any playing time there.

Hopefully we'll get answers at the end of the week.