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Dungeonmaster Monfort Breaks O'Dowd and Hurdle's Symbiotic Bond

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Whoah. All bets are off, now. This is more surprising than the twists in 24. Apparently, some time this offseason, the fates of Clint Hurdle and Dan O'Dowd were no longer intertwined like clownfish to anemones, Spiderman to Venom, or an untold number of Star Trek fans to Leonard Nimoy.

So, according to Troy Renck, Dan O'Dowd can now seek an "alliance" with one of the other survivors behind Hurdle's back and work to get Clint the boot off the island. Or vice versa. Do you understand what that means? It means...

It means...


Okay. It means I need to get over this writer's block and get some new material. Anyway, check out this Jason Hirsh profile from a week or two ago at Project Prospect in the meantime. It's written by Koby Schellenger who's been doing work at Fantasy Info Central auditing systems, and he does a nice job of breaking down Jason and showing that his potential hinges on him developing his changeup.

Diaries to the right have some other interesting stuff. To go along with the pessimistic outlook Xeifrank brings up, I've been hiding this projection from you guys for some time now. 67-95 for the Rockies in 2007? There's definitely something amiss about just plugging these projected numbers into a sim and getting a realistic result when it comes to Colorado.