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HeltonWatch: Day 3

With Dan O'Dowd returning to the office today, presumably some movement will be made toward a deal with Boston. Right now, public opinion, and more importantly, Ken Rosenthal, seem to be coming gradually to our camp, that a Helton and cash for Lowell and Tavarez deal doesn't help the Rockies, but Theo Epstein's nonetheless still relunctant to give up even a relief prospect to get the Colorado icon.

Josh Beckett talked to Boston Herald columnist Michael Silverman, and had this to say about Todd:

"He's unbelievable - he's a tough-ass out," said Beckett. "I'm excited about the idea of him coming here because he's the kind of guy fans and players in Boston would really love - but who do you give up for him, what's the price? I don't envy the GMs at all on this one.

Silverman also says in that article that Boston has yet to see an offer that "it would consider serious." If this is the case, then I expect word to come out from the Rockies in the next few days that there will be no Helton to Boston deal at all. Tracy Ringolsby affirms that the Rockies are equally set in their demands, and Helton has seemingly put a time limit to a move being made so he can focus on preparing for the coming season, according to Troy Renck in the Denver Post.