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Rockies Agree to Deal with. . .

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an unnamed left-hand reserve hitter.

It could be Darin Erstad or it could be John Mabry, according to Renck. Not great names, but they would only be reserves. Well, that's what we're led to believe but funny things can always happen.

Sandy Alomar Jr. and Sal Fasano are mentioned in addition to Javy Lopez for catcher on the team. I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in Fasano for competition at the spot, but only if he brings the moustache back.

Jamey Carroll might be close to a multi-year deal with the Rockies, but seriously, can't the Post take a new picture of O'Dowd for their articles?

Update [2007-1-3 19:30:19 by Russ in NY]: Rockies and Carroll agree on 2-year deal, with club option for '09.