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Miscellaneous Prospect Links & More:

Rich Lederer at Baseball Analysts found reason to be optimistic about Samuel Deduno and Franklin Morales, yesterday. Today, he found reason to be pessimistic about Zach Simons.

Speaking of pessimism, well, as close to pessimistic as you could be with a prominent place in an article titled: "Best Young Catchers of 2007", Chris Costancio of the Hardball Times is higher on Russell Martin and Miguel Montero than Chris Iannetta for this year. It's okay, he has his math, I have mine. Iannetta will be better than Montero this year, while Martin could be Chris' equal, but I think Iannetta is still underrated relative to his abilities.

Franklin Morales and Jonathan Herrera were given kudos by Baseball America today:

"We're talking (Johan) Santana or (Francisco) Liriano kind of stuff," a Rockies front office official said. "(The command of the fastball) is probably better when he's 93-95, but he topped out at 98 . . . and had an absolute hammer. He's gotten much bigger physically and with that stuff, a hell of a lot more imposing."


As far as the ROY award is concerned, Iannetta, Jason Hirsh, and Troy Tulowitzki all have solid chances. Project Prospect ranks them all in the top 15 of rookies for 2007.

Update [2007-1-30 20:56:54 by Russ in NY]:

This story by Jayson Stark profiles the use of the iPod in baseball, "pioneered" by none other than our Rockies. Most of us here already knew about this, but it's nice to see a piece on it during the dead of winter.