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The Purple Plight: Problems, Predicaments and the Purple Purpose

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Over at Always Amazin', Ryan McConnell has blog entry up today on Rox Girl's second installment of "Wishful Thinking".

Here are the opening lines of the entry:

It being the dead of winter and all, there's not a lot of inspired baseball writing getting produced. All of the quality free agents have signed, trade rumors are few and far between and pitchers and Molinas don't report for another two weeks.

But a Colorado Rockies blogger -- who knew one even existed? -- has a solution.

Wait just a second there! The Rockies might not be a hot ticket for many in Colorado but the above joke only helps to perpetuate the notion that Rockies' fans are apathetic towards the team (which may be true to an extent) and that no one can dedicate themselves to a team like the Rockies. The recent Helton trade talks have proven this wrong and the Jennings trade also saw an increase in Rockies talk. Now maybe it takes something big like that to make the fans respond but it still shows that the fans do care about the team. To be indifferent towards the team would probably lead some to place the Rockies below the Colorado Crush and the Denver Outlaws.

And it's not as if Purple Row is the only Rockies blog around. There at least 13 other blogs dedicated to the Rockies to my knowledge. I pose this hypothetical question: If the Internet and blogs were around in the early `60's when the Mets were in their infancy, how many bloggers would write, "Who knew a Mets blogger existed?" If I was living around that time (and for those that don't know, I live in Queens), I probably would have been that guy blogging about the Mets. Or the Tampa Bays Buccaneers when they entered the NFL? As bad as they were, someone would have run a blog about them during that period.

So why are we here? Why do we come here everyday, post our thoughts on the Rockies and debate the best course for the team? Why do we support the Rockies?

(Reading through Al's story and the comments as to why they are Cubs fans and visit Bleed Cubbie Blue also inspired this post)