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Wednesday Morning Rundown: These talks aren't dead, they're just sleeping...

The last little bit of fallout from the failed Todd Helton to Boston trade seems to be trickling in this morning, the RMN's Tracy Ringolsby talks to a driven Helton, who gives our home state some love. One thing that's definitely better for the future of the team than pulling Helton's salary off the books, would be for him to earn it by coming back strong and leading the Rockies to the playoffs. The same money would be going out to payroll, but the added income would make up the difference.

Speaking of hometown heroes, the Boston Herald talked to Boston native Manny Delcarmen to see what he thought of being brought up in trade rumors, and he puts the lie to the Red Sox' whining about having to placate players whose names had been leaked:

"I love playing for the Red Sox," he said. "The Red Sox are my hometown team. They're the team I rooted for growing up, but it doesn't bother me that other teams are interested in me. I think it would be worse if you found out that there are teams that don't have interest in you."

Delcarmen had the most reason of any Red Sox to be bruised by having his name come up in trade discussions, well, except for maybe Matt Clement who would have fallen into that "teams that don't have interest in you," category. Still, if Boston native and young player Delcarmen can walk away from it, I think the rest are big enough boys to realize that this is just a part of the game.

Oh, and speaking of whiny Red Sox, how petulant does this little bit sound, also from the Herald:

 According to sources, the sides did not speak yesterday and the Sox have no intention of restarting negotiations, which were initiated by Colorado. . . .

They're mean, I'm not talking to them.

They started it, not me.

Yeah, this group must be a real joy to work with...