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Another left-hand reserve player brought in?

Karim Garcia was offered a minor league contract by the Rockies. Troy Renck offers this observation:

That general manager Dan O'Dowd continues to spend a lot of time on this issue makes it clear the Rockies want Cory Sullivan, in line for a big raise through arbitration, to earn a roster spot in spring training.

I'm all for having Sully earn a roster spot in spring training, but Karim Garcia? Alexis Gomez? I'd like to see a bit more competition than those two.

A Javy Lopez signing could be imminent according to the quote from Lopez's agent in the article.

Tracy Ringolsby gives us an update on a 2006 draftee. 19th-round pick and SS Zack Murray has agreed to play for Oklahoma State in 2008, but hasn't ruled out signing with the Rockies before the 2007 draft.

And there was some other big news yesterday: The D'Backs and Yanks agreed on a trade for RJ. The Yankees would receive Luis Vizcaino, minor league pitchers Ross Ohlendorf and Steven Jackson and minor league SS Alberto Gonzalez after the trade is finalized in the 72-hour window the two teams have.

Update [2007-1-5 22:2:48 by Russ in NY]: Javy Lopez is close to signing with the Rox. It's an unguaranteed contract worth between $700K and $750K. I really don't have problem with this if it happens; it offers no risk if he doesn't make the team, but if he does strange things could happen (both good and bad).