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Lopez, Gonzalez, Reitsma and Who Is Looking to Sign Erstad?

The Denver Post updates us on the Javy Lopez situation: he should sign Monday. A few others details Renck clues us in on are that Lopez will get a spot on the 40-man roster but only a portion of his contract will be guaranteed.

We also learn that Luis Gonzalez isn't headed to Japan quite yet, but he could be some time during the next week.

Who would believe that the Rockies offered more money to a player but were turned down? Well, that's the case with Chris Reitsma as he accepted a deal with Seattle to be closer to Calgary.

I better hear that Darin Erstad signs with a team this coming week because that's what the Rockies believe. As a result they brought in Gomez and Garcia. I would have preferred Erstad over those two so if Erstad is unsigned going into Spring Training, someone pulled a fast one of the Rockies.

One final note in the article informs us that other executives see the Rockies as the favorite for Brian Lawrence's services.