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Monday Morning Rockpile: One More Win

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What else is left to write about this team? How else can you describe a 13-1 run to end the season? Spectacular? Amazing? Against all odds?

Or does this picture of Todd explain what this season has been all about?

(Post / Helen H. Richardson)

Let's say it together: One more win! One more win! One more win!

Update [2007-10-1 14:47:8 by Russ]: If you can't get to Coors Field tonight, you could always head to the ESPN Zone in downtown Denver to watch the game. I'm told they're expecting a big crowd.

Update [2007-10-1 15:0:27 by Russ]: If there are any season ticket holders reading this site, could you send me an e-mail (which you can find on the left sidebar of the site or by clicking my name at the top of the story)? I'll explain everything after you e-mail me.