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Game #163: Jake Peavy vs. Josh Fogg

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This one is for the Wild Card. No, no big speech about what this game means. We know how important this game is and the players understand what this game is all about. Just go out and do it.

Go Rockies!

Update [2007-10-1 17:20:24 by Russ]: OK, this has to be a good sign. I put this up early because I was going to be in class and miss the first hour of the game. Yes, shame on me for going to class when the Rockies are playing their most important game in the history of the franchise. Anyway, it was canceled.

Update [2007-10-1 18:1:44 by Russ]: OK, I just made an appearance on Most Valuable Network's Outsider Radio. I was asked for a prediction. I meant to say 5-4 in 12 innings, but I said 6-4. So, Todd Helton will have a walk-off two-run homer.