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Cook out, Taveras in for NLCS roster:

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The Rockies announced their roster for the NLCS as well as their starting pitchers, and notably Aaron Cook did not make the cut. This implies he wasn't ready in his rehab outing today. Willy Taveras did take the place of Mark Redman, so the Rockies will have their leadoff combo back in force for the series.


Game 1 - Jeff Francis
Game 2- Ubaldo Jimenez
Game 3- Josh Fogg
Game 4- Franklin Morales

Because of the odd nature of off days in the series, if we were to go to a game seven, it would mean that either Fogg or Morales could go on regular rest (one day extra for Fogg) so that could be an interesting decision down the road if Morales dominates his start and Fogg does not. The impact of Taveras could be fairly significant both offensively and defensively, particularly if he's able to push off out of the batter's box for bunt hits still. In the Brandon Webb starts in particular, runs might be at a premium and his ability to manufacture them with speed will be a big help.