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Friday Morning Rockpile: Over It Yet?

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Apparently indicting an entire town as classless as a result of 10-15 people throwing plastic bottles on to the field is the thing to do today. Was it wrong to do? Absolutely. Were the people who did it classless? Yeah. Is all of Phoenix classless as a result? I don't know how you can figure that. Maybe Phoenix is apathetic to the D'Backs cause (besides the SnakePitters that live there). I don't know since I'm not there, but if those empty seats I saw through most of the early innings of the game are an indication . . . If it happens again, then maybe we have something to talk about. Other than that, Kiszla's mostly right about Upton and the slide.

So, after last night Francis may have put himself on the path to stardom, but only if, well, he's acknowledged by people outside of Colorado. Who goes for the quiet, unassuming type?

The Rockies had their Instructional League team at the game last night. It wasn't too hard to buy 50 tickets for the game. And in the footnotes right below that, we learn that Jorge Julio is traveling with the team. Really, I don't know who would expect Julio to make the World Series roster when the Rockies get there. The games get more important as October goes on, not less.

The Rocky Mountain News got to know Kaz, why don't you?