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Saturday Morning Rockpile: 2-0

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Frankly, neither one of these games are going to impress the establishment, but that might be a good thing, as our team seems to do better with the underdog fighting against long odds label, anyway. To steal two wins at Chase Field is an accomplishment -the Rockies and Dodgers were the only teams to win more than one series there this year, Milwaukee, Boston and the Mets all won their only desert trips- but this is now the third time in the last three tries that we've taken more wins than the home team while we've been in Phoenix, and we're 7-4 against the D-backs at Chase overall in 2007, meaning even if they somehow find a way to win two at Coors, they are still in trouble for the series, because against the Rockies, there is no home field advantage.

I don't think it will come to that. As Jayson Stark points out, history isn't kind to teams that don't take care of their business at home when favored with the advantage in a seven game series, and that's before taking into account that history hasn't ever really dealt with a magical beast like your 2007 Rockies. Jim Armstrong also notices that history thing, adding the Big Red Machine to Stark's list of comparable end of season/postseason hotness. I also like the quote from Stephen Drew at the end of that piece:

Shortstop Stephen Drew, who was caught off second base in the ninth inning after he thought he had been called out on a force play, said he couldn't hear umpire Tom Hallion's safe call because of the crowd noise. Said Drew, when asked if the Rockies were getting all the breaks in the series, "They are. You can't say they aren't because they are."

He should know, the Diamondbacks this regular season had derived so much more benefit from "the breaks" than the Rockies, luckily ours are coming at a better time. Don't think I'm dissing either team in that, btw, I think you have to be good first to be so lucky in this game. And Stephen, throwing your own fans under the bus for your blunder? Not cool. I'd it expect it from the brother in Boston, but not the other Drew boys. Oh, and work on the little things.

Did the bags with our offense get lost when we came back from Philly? Somebody needs to call the airline so they can arrive in Denver with the team. The good thing about our hitters going stone cold in this series -if there really is any good- is that our pitchers are getting some notice. The contrast of Manny's two innings to those of Valverde, and the heroics of "little-used Ryan Speier" were noticed (along with the rest of the staff) by Eric Neel.