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Monday Morning Rockpile:

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Not rain, not snow, not sleet, not dark of night. Not aces or junkballers, not lineups of patient veteran sluggers, not lineups of impatient young sluggers. Not multiple off days, not non-black uniforms, not Trevor Hoffman or ninth or thirteenth inning deficits. Not at home, not on the road. Brandon Webb, but then not Brandon Webb. Not in the desert, not in the mountains or on either of the coasts.  Not lake midges? Not Green Monsters? Maybe they can stop the Rockies, we haven't gotten quite that far, but it looks like we'll be able to find out very soon.

The Rockies are on the verge of leaving the Washington Nationals as the only team in the NL not to have won a pennant (Milwaukee hasn't won one in this League but they did win one when they were in the AL) and we will finally have something meaningful to hang up at Coors Field. I mean, I'm sorry, flags saying "1995 Wild Card" and "2007 Wild Card" are nice, but they still imply also-ran status. "2007 National League Champions" on the other hand.., that would be very cool.

If you listen to some grumbling out East, you've probably been hearing a lot about how this NLCS is lame because the teams are so young, that they have no history, that they're just too new to get behind. It's true, but I sometimes wonder if fans were saying the same thing a hundred years ago about the Cubs and Tigers, where a Chicago team with a mid-twenties keystone tandem named Tinkers and Evers and a veteran first baseman named Frank Chance were repeating over a Detroit squad that featured a 20 year old phenom named Ty Cobb. It's trite, but history can't be written until after the games get played. It's not always easy to see events for their historical significance when you're in the middle of them. Of course, real perspective let's us know that these diversions sometimes serve a more important role than we realize.

Yorvit's heroics in game three were at the expense of a friend. His triumphant arm raised as he circled around the basepaths has made some AZ fans upset, reading their message boards you can see the bitterness toward the Rockies foment. I have no doubt that we would be in the same boat were our situations reversed, and again, this rivalry will only get worse over the coming seasons. What's been seen as great defense from our end is seen as unfathomable luck from theirs. The booing of Eric Byrnes at Coors last night is another indication of the blooming animosity. Of course, our fans would be good to realize that Byrnes is just a mouthpiece and the real trouble from this team will come from the younger set.

Smart move, guy.

Arizona's backs will be against the wall tonight, but the Rockies have been there themselves and are ready for a challenge. Much is made of Micah Owings hitting abilities, and it should be, but it should also be noted that he might be an easier pitcher for our hitters to handle than we've seen the last couple of days. His stuff isn't overpowering, but he's not the cagey nibbler that Jamie Moyer, Doug Davis or Livan Hernandez were. This could be the same kind of high scoring affair we saw in the Kyle Kendrick/Franklin Morales matchup in Game 2 of the NLDS, particularly if Frankie's command is still off.