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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

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Why did the Rockies win over the D-backs? Destiny.

I mean seriously, how can you mess with that? Alright, so let me tell you my one worry about this scenario. Compiègne. Specifically, what happened in 1430 in that town. I'm thinking right now, that given our history with the City of Cleveland, the citizenry there would like nothing more than to capture our zealous visionary that has led this mission from God and sell him to the heathen English, who will then burn him at the stake. So sorry, St. Charlie, if this is the case, but we'll keep your ashes in the Cathedral of Coors from here on out for the glory of our Franchise.

Clint Hurdle has grown as a manager even as his players have grown around him. Like David Pinto at Baseball Musings, I've been impressed  with the contrast between his decisions and those of the opponents' man on the bench in both these series.

Mr Roto says the Rockies are the "least lovable" of underdogs to make the show. He says that there's no personality with them as a team. I've heard this echoed elsewhere, so to people like this, I have one thing to say: Get your head out of your stats hole and watch the team. Did he even see Todd Helton's face on Monday? They're playing for widows and kids with cancer for goodness sakes, what's not lovable about that? I mean, love-hate, whatever, but there's definitely enough backstory to form an emotion over the Rockies if you stop being so willfully ignorant of it all.

Both AL managers are impressed by the Rox, Terry Francona's been doing some scouting you can tell with his answer in regards to our defense. His team needs to dig itself out of a hole in Cleveland to put that to use, though.