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Sunday Morning Rockpile: Good Thing He's Not Pitching Tonight

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Indians starter Paul Byrd reportedly bought HGH between 2002 and 2005. Well, the timing of this report seems about right if the Indians want a distraction from tonight's game. Pressure's off the players and on Byrd to explain his supposed purchase of HGH.

Update [2007-10-21 15:43:53 by Russ]: Doctor prescribed HGH for Byrd.


Aaron Cook pitched four innings in an intrasquad game yesterday. He walked Willy T and Kaz, but had Holliday ground into a double play. Cook also allowed an RBI single to Helton and a homer to Kaz  in the fourth.

Torrealba was behind the plate for Cook, so that should answer any lingering questions on whether or not Iannetta would catch Cook if he made the roster. Iannetta and Taylor Buchholz haven't appeared in the postseason yet, but Iannetta's in no danger of losing his spot on the roster. Still, he's low on the list to use as a pinch hitter.


Dan O'Dowd and Clint Hurdle proved themselves to some fans, but now the Monforts will need to prove they're committed to winning. Wait, did I just write "now the Monforts will need to prove they're committed to winning"? Whoops, that's nothing new.  Maybe it's a bit more imperative since the team's successful. Otherwise, Helton will be subjected to more of these situations.