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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: Giving It Another Try

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Those "malicious, external attack[s]" will get you every time. A litte planning would have helped, but who figured there would be 8.5 million hits in 90 minutes? And that number's going to be less today?

Every time I see this picture:

(Post / Craig F. Walker)

I just have to laugh. That had to be shot a few times to get the perfect image. Anyway, if everything goes as planned today, then the images tomorrow or later today will be of people hugging their monitors.


Josh Fogg on yesterday's ticket problem: "I didn't have 8 1/2 million people that saw me play in my entire four years with the Pirates."


Some Boston fans are supremely confident that they'll win this one. The curse is over, so now it's time start racking up those World Series trophies. Sorry, but Boston already has its World Series victory for this century. The next time that city will have a baseball championship will be when the game is called blernsball and the team name is the Poindexters.


While the start time for game five has yet to be announced, the Broncos' Monday night game will start thirty minutes earlier. Broncos game? Rockies game? That shouldn't even be a question.