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Smell that Fenway Mystique

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Ah, we are playing in hallowed ground tonight. Where thirty-five thousand screaming Red Sox fans will pack every nook and cranny of their old ballpark, some paying thousands just to sit here:

I mean seriously, they sell that. I tried it out when I was at Fenway earlier this season as whoever had that lucky spot apparently didn't want to for some reason. You've got a good view of the pole. And actually if you crank your neck to the left you can see the Green Monster pretty well. The way the Rockies were peppering the ball off and over the wall at the games I went to probably actually meant the person who sat here could get a good feel of what was going on in the game. Particularly if they listened to the anguished groans of the crowd.

You could get much better seats, and a much better view if you enter's Coors Field World Series ticket giveaway. Like how I worked that in? Anyway, the site's proprietor is just trying to drum up some traffic, so for those that missed out yesterday, it's worth a shot.