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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

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Keeping up with the best the web has to offer on the Colorado Rockies has become increasingly difficult this week as for some odd reason, there's been a huge spike in Rockies related news. Connie Mack's A's are a good, but ancient precedent for long layoffs. The Rockies offer yet another low salary team hope that they can be next; but despite them being the focal point of this St. Louis article, I'm not seeing the seeds in Pittsburgh right now, even in a weak division. I'd buy Cincinnati in the Central, as Jay Bruce, Joey Votto and Homer Bailey have the potential to completely turn around negatives from 2007 in 2008, but Houston, St. Louis and the Pirates are going to have to get really creative and/or lucky this off-season to catch up to the Cubs and Brewers.

Red Sox in no more than five, because this guy hasn't been paying attention. Note in particular the casual dismissal of the Rockies home record while touting the same for Boston, or using the convenient regular season road records only. The Rockies have been rolling through hostile environments lately, they were 21-16 on the road in the regular season after the All-Star break and are currently riding a 10 game road winning streak, including four wins in the playoffs. Their last road loss was on September 13. Boston's? October 16.

Remember the guy from He's now a minor blog celebrity even if he hasn't posted for a couple of years. The Yankees beat reporters have this odd way of making every story about them. Derrick Goold's story linked above about small market Pittsburgh becomes particularly refreshing in this light.

Josh Beckett, bionic Frankenstein monster. Just in case the Red Sox aren't paying him enough, this guy would make some serious bank at a Boston area fertility clinic, I swear.

More in a little bit. Oh, some yahoo is writing for the Rockies at Yahoo! I might have more there later, too.