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Thursday Morning Rockpile: Nothing but flowers.

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At this link, we have a field of daisies. Ooh, here's another one. Pretty as that is, I prefer Columbines, especially the purple variety.

More scenery, here's Red Mountain, near Gunnison. This picture  is apparently from the San Juan's near Durango or Silverton. Very pretty. Very nice.

If you still need to go into last night and resolve some feelings, here are some sympathetic voices:

Tom and Dan each posted recaps at Up in the Rockies.

Here's Bugs and Cranks take. Mark, so sorry for not linking earlier this week, btw. I just spaced.

Hilary took it a bit harder than most at Sparks of Dementia.

And Roxhead is more pragmatic.

And here's my recap for Yahoo!