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World Series Game #3: Fogg vs Matsuzaka

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For either one of these pitchers to have success at Coors Field, they need to be able to hit their spots and keep the opposition guessing at what the next pitch will be. If Josh Fogg relies too much on his changeup or Matsuzaka too much on his fastball, they could be in for a rough game. For the Rockies, they need their bats to wake up. I don't want to take anything away from the two pitchers we've faced thus far, both have proven themselves among the best at the trade, but Rockies hitters are better than this and they need to show it if we want to avoid the sweep.

The crowd will be rocking, well at least one person I know of will be, and the Rockies happen to be undefeated against the Sox this year when she's in attendance. I think that's the only stat you need.

Go Rockies!!!