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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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Not that I'm excited or anything... WWWWOWWWOOWOOWOOOOOOOWwOWWOOW....

Yesterday, after arriving in Denver, I had my parents take me directly from DIA to Coors Field. I swear. I just needed to see the ballpark again that badly. I also wanted to go to the stadium store so I could get a Rockies stocking cap just like the one Yorvit Torrealba was wearing during warm-ups in Boston - one with the World Series patch -WOOT!!. I totally bought into that. I'm such a consumer whore sometimes, especially when it comes to the Rockies or if I'm in Bath and Body Works. Anyway I thought I might need the warmer hat for tonight because apparently it's going to be cold. That was all I intended to buy, I swear. By the time I left the store, however, -and I've got to tell you it was buzzing like Victoria's Secret during their Semi-Annual Sale (damn, there's another place where my consumer whoredom comes out)- I ended up with a black fleece jacket, a World Series pin to match the Opening Day pin I had my parents pick up for me in April, and a purple World Series hoodie. And a couple of free NLCS caps to boot.

I totally flipped out. I'm still flipping out. GO ROCKIES!!!! YEAY!!!!!

I don't really care that we're down two games to none, and I know this plays into that ridiculous argument from some Boston fans (not all, mind you) that they're somehow more deserving of yet another title because we're happy just to be here. No team is any more deserving of World Series titles than any other.  But my point is I am so happy just to be here! I'll be even more happy when we start winning against these Red Sox to quiet the more pompous offputting types of their fans, see the current fifth diary down on the right for an example---->> but I am so excited!!! WOOOTTTT!!!!